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One-third of all Leather-back Sea Turtles suffer from plastic ingestion that can lead to suffocation, starvation, and death. Populations of this endangered species have dropped by 95% in the last 20 years. Our generation can finally be the one to put an end to the human pollution of our oceans, an eliminate as a dumping ground for waste.


How This Affects Marine Life and How We're Using Robotics to Help

Over 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic debris in the ocean!!!

Things you can do to help:

  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle plastics;
  • Use reusable cloth bags instead of plastic bags when shopping;
  • Support local, regional and nationwide bans on plastic grocery bags;
  • Don't litter. Instead, volunteer at local beach clean-up events;
  • Make sure to properly secure your garbage to prevent any fly-away plastics;
  • Don't release balloons into the air. They travel far and end up in our oceans being consumed by sea turtles that mistake them for food.


How We Plan to Help by Using Robotics:

When going to compete against other robotics teams, we will have a booth dedicated to the preservation of marine life with recycling. 

  • All of our signs will be made from recycled materials
  • We will have recycling bins available for everyone at the competition to dispose of their recyclable materials, which we will then take to a recycling plant
  • All materials used to build robots, machines, etc will be recycled after use
  • Our robotics machine/project will be a machine that is used in the effort to prevent further trash from entering our seas, and protect sealife like turtles!


President: Matthew Darnell

Vice President: Jack Young

Scretary: Katerina Rincones

Treasurer: Virtuous Agbo

  • Members: Jacob Morgan, Madelynn Shanks, Brandon White, Phoebe Childress, Alexander Gomez, Milan Mckenna, Sonali Gandhi, Kunal Gahlawat, Preston Moses, Tanner Starkey, Hope Freeman, Hannah Fisher, Stephen Ebeling Santiago, Dillon DiVecchia, Jaxon Rait, Reiter Artho, Zchary Pwlik, Corbin Fanning, Aiden Murtha, Anna Hoover, Allison Long, Dadne Candelas, Brett Dolff, Grey Mashrouteh


twitter: @RoboticsRiptide 

 Instagram: @Riptide_Robotics

All members of robotics are freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors at AHS!